The Internet of Things is no longer talking to the innovation or trend watching units.
The business units have gone beyond optimising and fine-tuning efficiency to the utmost. They are sensing a huge market.
In line with current strategic developments in the Internet of Things, the programme of the IoT Week 2013 was based on four topics:

  1. General opening keynote addresses by policy actors and industry representatives as well as presentations from a global perspective of the Internet of Things
  2. IoT technologies with several sessions on actual research undertaken on IoT architecture, IP and cognitive technologies, semantic interoperability, etc…
  3. IoT solutions as the essential and core ingredient and motor of the Smart Cities concepts
  4. IoT & entrepreneurship & business models

The objective of the IoT Week is to unite the IoT community by offering a platform for presenting the latest news on relevant research topics, providing political and societal insights and offering networking opportunities.
The event is organized by the European Integrated Project IoT-A (Internet of Things – Architecture) together with several research projects. The URB-Grade project sponsored the event and co-organised the final day of the IoT-week. The report can be downloaded here. And all presentation can be found on the IoT week website.