IoT Week 2014

IoT Week 2014 – London
The event was hosted in London between Monday 16th June and Friday 20th June at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel located in the heart of the city, and hosted more than 500 delegates from different countries all over the world.
The IoT Week originated in European IoT Research Cluster to become the pre-eminent event attracting industry and academia from around the world. Building on the successes of Helsinki, Venice and Barcelona, the IoT Week London continues the journey:

  • bringing focus to the emerging opportunities;
  • connecting the global business and research communities innovating at the boundaries of IoT;
  • promoting international collaboration and addressing societal and market issues

URB-Grade Project was one of the sponsors of the IoT Week and hold a session on Thursday 19th, named “Working with real data”. The aim of the session was to present the difficulties that projects experience when working with real data. Real data in this context means that data can be lossy, can contribute privacy concerns, can be governed by different national laws, is held by 3rd parties, etc. This workshops aims for a report about the current best practices of handing Real Data in projects

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