URB-Grade at Smart City World Expo 2015

URB-Grade will be at Smart City World Expo 2015 in Barcelona from the 17th to the 19th of November, exhibiting a demonstration of the latest developments of the platform. Please, feel free to visit us at the F651 booth next to the Smart City Plaza Exhibition.
Besides, URB-Grade will participate in the ST 25 Tracking and tackling climate change session, the 18 November, 3.00-4.15pm

Slides can be found at: Slides

The session can be found at: Session Video

URB-Grade at Kalundborg, Smart Energy 2015

URB-Grade will be part of Kalundborg Smart Energy 2015 workshop.

On Tuesday May 5th, several activities such as presentations and workshops will be hold.

On Wednesday May 6th, several guided tours will be done during the morning to know the different activities of energy efficiency of Kalundborg municipality. During the afternoon, and event open to the public on Kalundborg Hallerne will follow.Program Kalundborg Smart Energy 2015

URB-Grade at Impact Workshop

URB-Grade Project was at Impact Workshop, 27-28 April, Brussels, meeting organized by the EC with the EeB PPP projects’ representatives.

URB-Grade participated in Area 4: Deep energy renovation of districts and smart energy efficient solutions for cities on Monday 27th.

On Tuesday 28th, URB-Grade participated on the whole workshop and made a presentation as one of the success stories .URB-Grade_EEB_IMPACT

Sustainable Places 2014

URB-Grade at Sustainable Places 2014

URB-Grade consortium in collaboration with other 7 European projects funded by the EC organized a workshop named Energy positive districts / smart cities  during the SP2014 conference in Nice (http://sustainable-places.eu/). The workshop built on four different relevant topics where the energy positive District/Smart City must rely on: 

  1. Business models session
  2. Stakeholder involvement
  3. Evaluation framework
  4. Data models

The workshop identified improvement areas, lessons learned, and explored synergies and collaboration opportunities in order to achieve a common way to define the activities that Districts/Smart Cities should follow to become more energy efficient. The audience was composed by researchers, developers, industrial adopters and representatives of energy companies that have interests in last research performed in the EU in the Smart City energy context. 

The final remarks of the workshop can be found at Final remarks.

Following the guidelines of the European commission in cross cutting activities of European Projects, the workshop was organized by :