Deliverables of the Project can be found in the following table:

 Del.n.  Deliverable name  Delivery date  Leader  Dis.Lev.*
 D.1.1 Project web site and collaboration tools  M2  AI  PU
 D.2.1 End User Requirements  M3  AI  PU
 D.2.2 Definition of KPIs and Consumer Profiles  M6  FE  PU
 D.2.3 Description of Data Sources  M12  TGS  PU
 D.2.4 Description of DaaS platform requirements and processes  M12  AI  PU
 D.3.1.1 DaaS System Architecture and Communication Backbone description version 1  M6  TGS  PU
 D.3.1.2 DaaS System Architecture and Communication Backbone description final version  M16  TGS  PU
 D.3.2 DaaS Profiling Module Specification and Design  M8  FE  PU
 D.3.3 DaaS Quantification Module Specification and Design  M12  TEK  PU
 D.3.4 Prediction Module Specification and Design  M12  TUT  PU
 D.3.5 Analysis Module and Decision Support Dashboard Specification and Design  M16  FE  PU
 D.4.1.1 DaaS Platform development plan  M12  TUT  PU
 D.4.1.2 DaaS Platform integration plan  M16  TUT  PU
 D.4.2  DaaS Platform modules  M20  TEK  PU
 D.4.3  Integrated DaaS Platform  M24  TGS  PU
 D.4.4  DaaS Platform debugging and support report  M33  TGS  PU
 D.5.1.1 DaaS platform validation plan for the pilot sites  M18  FE  PU
 D.5.1.2 DaaS platform deployment plan for the pilot sites  M18  FE  PU
 D.5.2.1  DaaS Platform instantiation at pilot sites initial version  M26  TGS  PU
 D.5.2.2  DaaS platform instantiation at pilot sites final version  M33  TGS  PU
 D.5.3.1 DaaS Demonstrate and Validation report  M39  AI  PU
 D.5.3.2  DaaS Platform User Manual  M39  AI  PU
 D.6.1  Project Business Case Studies  M39  SEA  PU
 D.6.2  Exploitation plan  M39  TGS  PU
 D.7.1.1 Dissemination strategy plan  M3  TEK  PU
 D.7.1.2 Multimedia Dissemination Material  M39  TEK  PU

* All the deliverables are marked as public. However, the partners of the consortium reserve the right to change the dissemination level depending on their own decision.